Certified Clinical &
Medical Hypnotherapist

Located in Plymouth, Michigan

Anette M. Wolski, LMSW, CHt , CMHt
Serene Hypnotherapy, LLC

Anette Wolski, LMSW, CMHt

(734) 765-7630

I have over 30 years’ experience as a social worker and have been employed as a hypnotherapist, clinical therapist, medical social worker, and school social worker. I am currently practicing hypnotherapy, specializing in improving mental and physical health. I service ages 3-103. I can help you reduce your anxiety, relieve stress, improve your attitudes, habits, and self-defeating thoughts, improve your sports performance, reshape your body, and help you stop smoking. I can also help you manage your pain, the side effects of medication, chemotherapy, and radiation, and feel comfortable during medical and dental procedures. I also specialize in women’s issues such as menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth.

For those of you who are interested in metaphysics, I can also help you explore your past lives and understand their connection to your current life experiences. I also practice Reiki with animals.

I am a member of the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group and the National Association of Social Workers.

Contact me to see how I can help you take charge of your life!

Hypnotherapy – make positive changes in your life!

Serene Hypnotherapy is located in Plymouth and is conveniently located near Livonia, Ann Arbor, Canton, and Westland.

5 Stars

"Anette was phenomenal, I immediately felt a change in my mood and outlook on work, school and stress after the first session, and felt better after every session. Anyone seeking to better their mindset and become a more productive person should definitely seek out Anette and her services."

— Logan H

5 Stars

"I highly recommend Anette for weight loss hypnotherapy. I felt an increase in the motivation to exercise daily and increase my water intake after the first session. Follow up sessions were extremely helpful too."

— Nancy B

5 Stars

"Anette's very caring and compassionate approach allowed me to let go and open myself to the possibilities past-life discovery could bring me. Thanks to her work, I now have more clues to the events and circumstances that brought me to where I am today, and could shape an influence my life going forward. Thank you, Anette!"

— Dave S

5 Stars

"Hypnosis is remarkable! I was so relaxed, I felt as if I was in another world."

— Robert W., 93 years old

5 Stars

"I had a serious accident earlier this year that required major surgery and two hospital stays. Anette created a series of hypnosis recordings to help with my healing. It was a frightening time, but listening to Anette’s steady and reassuring voice made a difference in my recovery. I highly recommend her."

— Barbara W.

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